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“Kingsway, the best way to
improve your English”

Dear Parents / Students,
The Kingsway Language Centre is your domain which paves the way for your future. The academy with a difference, making a new link to bridge the gap between what you are and what you want to be.
The Kingsway Language Centre provides a comprehensive English education to both young and adult students.
“Your passport to the future.”


Mr.Jayatissa Athaudahetti has been serving the country for more than 30 years as an English instructor, English writer and as a producer of educational English program. He has been training students for the Cambridge University English Certificate exams conducted by the Cambridge University. Many of his students are studying in various universities and those who have obtained bachelor Degrees are working in very reputed places. English knoledge is essential for the people of developing countries like ours. Mr.Jayatissa Athaudahetti is an excellent English teacher and he knows how to motivate and attract students to learn this subject. I wish him every success in his future endeavours.

J.R.P Jayakodi

Professor / head of the Department of Physics University of Kelaniya

Mr Jayatissa Athaudahetti possesses a good command of English. He is an efficient English teacher. He could create interest in his students through convincing methods to grasp well the education he imparts.

Ramya Wanigasekara