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The Kingsway Language Centre is your domain which paves the way for your future. The academy with a difference, making a new link to bridge the gap between what you are and what you want to be. The Kingsway Language Centre provides a comprehensive English education to both young and adult students. “Your passport to the future.” The Kingsway Language Centre is a new Academy based in Sri Lanka to spearhead the new gereration to transform students’ dreams into reality. “State of the art teaching methods” The Kingsway Language Centre offers educational techniques of high standard coupled with the most experienced lecturers. You can request for career guidance in a friendly environment that makes you feel free and confident at every level, whether you are young or adults. Respectfully Certified The Kingsway Language Centre is affiliated to the most prestigious educational institutions that offer certificates accepted worldwide. We prepare students, especially for all Cambridge University exams. Enroll now: Let your dreams achieve reality. Join the Kingsway Language Centre. Best wishes.

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“Let English lift your life”